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If you are reading this you have made the right choice by choosing TriPAL Point to guide you in your career development. We can help you with our proprietary process for professional development and mentored career guidance.


The journey of a precious diamond from the mines to the market, closely resembles yours …

From RAW to RIGHT.

Many professional enhancement programs lead to more of the same, prompting the question of utility.

We strongly believe a healthy career path includes lifelong assessment and learning, and we encourage you to maintain cutting edge skills in your area of expertise. It’s often challenging to place continuing education in context, but it’s necessary in order to realize any benefit.

We’ve found that the learning process must be well-conceived from its inception. Although improvisation is certainly a useful skill, it’s only a situational solution and true expertise requires continuing integration of new knowledge in your field.

Only you can determine your career direction, although you may rely upon friends and family for support.

You’re the primary driver of your plans and you’re also the one who will ultimately put in the effort to get where you plan to be. We are happy to offer you expert support for your new growth: TriPAL Point Inc.

You’ve already decided to look for solutions to your career needs, and you’ve come to the right place. We can help you reduce the variables that could potentially trip you up on your path to success. We offer the best support in the industry, from assessment and training to placement in your dream job.

We don’t stop there! Our continuous professional development program will help you reach the industry standard in compensation and maintain or exceed that level of success.

Our program reflects our passion for quality.

Not a sales pitch!

Our proprietary program, Mentored Iterations, reflects the high value we assign to communication as a part of skill enhancement. We have designed this program to assist our candidates in acquiring mastery of effective corporate communication. This standard is characterized by more than mastery of grammatically correct English. Project communication is a vital corporate asset that includes documentation, manuals and presentations.

Communication is the muscle that powers your skill to stardom.

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