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Data Science: Preparatory

An introduction to the Data Science training series, this module serves as the basic stepping stone for the higher journey. It lays out the fundamentals of data science, types of data and questions, statistical inference, using Excel to make sense of data, and setting up R and getting ready to use it for complex analyses. Learn from industry experts and carve a career in the hottest vertical today!

A TriPAL Point Exclusive Course Series.

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    Course Curriculum

    Data Science
    Steps in data science and types of questions
    Excel for Data Analytics
    Pivot Tables, Analysis Toolpak
    R Programing
    Installation and set up walk through
    Data types and coding standards
    Subsetting, lists and vectors
    Reading and writing data and functions
    Statistical Inference
    Introduction to data analysis (observational studies and experiments)
    Exploring numerical and categorical data

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